Magreens was established in 2015 to stop the exploitation by middlemen or brokers. Magreens is a producer of Kashmiri saffron and saffron based products,dry fruits and a platform to buy the Kashmiri hereditary products.

Saffron cultivation after 1960 has been diffused in several non-traditional areas outside of Pampore. Marketing of saffron is largely in the hands of middlemen and their firms. Generally the price of the commodity is determined by the middlemen and the marketing firms. Magreens aims to provide remunerative returns to the farmers and also serve the interest of consumers by providing quality products which are good value for money. Magreens is exclusive marketing organisation of “Magray” and “Noor” branded products. Magreens product range comprises Saffron (kesar), dry fruits, saffron cream, saffron soap, saffron based cosmetic products, Kashmiri handicrafts, Kashmir art, Kashmiri apples, Kashmiri spices etc.

Magreens is not only a company, but also a movement. It is in one way, the representation of the economic freedom of farmers. It has given farmers the courage to dream, to hope, to live.

We provide our costumers with an idea of who and what we are.